Whiskey Tastings

Whiskey tasting classes will be held in the cultural workshop area. Tickets will be available for purchase in the cultural workshop area beginning one hour prior to the tastings:

Saturday 5:00 pm - Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Saturday 7:00 pm - Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Sunday 2:00 pm - Bushmills Irish Whiskey

The Celtic Breakfast

The Celtic Breakfast will be held Sunday at the "Top of the Morn'n Cafe" located in the Beer Garden across from the United Irish of Dayton Main Stage on Monument Ave. Breakfast will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for a nominal fee.

All proceeds benefit the festival.

Celebrate Sunday Mass

Join us Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at the United Irish of Dayton Stage in the new Five Rivers MetroParks Pavilion to celebrate Sunday Mass. Mass will be presented in Gaelic and English. Irish dancers and pipers will be present.

Cindy Thomson: Author

Author of eight books, including her newest novel, Enya’s Son, based on 6th century legends. Researching her Scots-Irish roots launched a writing journey that has lasted nearly 2 decades. Being a genealogy enthusiast, she has also published articles in Internet Genealogy and Your Genealogy Today magazines. Most everything she writes reflects her belief that history has stories to teach. Cindy and her husband Tom live in central Ohio near their three grown sons and their families. Visit her at www.cindyswriting.com or on Facebook and Twitter.

Cathy Jo Smith: Storyteller & The Irish Wake

The Irish Wake attempts to explain in a family-friendly way many of the customs and traditions associated with the 3-day period of mourning as it was observed in Ireland. More information about Cathy Jo’s stories and the Irish Wake can be found at www.irishteller.com.

Mai Hernon, Singer/Dancer

Traditional singer/dancer from Gurteen, County Sligo, Ireland. She has four CDs on the market and has toured Ireland, England, Europe, and America. This is her fourth year performing and conducting workshops at the Dayton Celtic Festival. She is also performing with the duo Celtic Font at this festival, and has shared a stage with bands such as Scythian, Cherish the Ladies, members of Dervish, The Drowsy Lads, and many more. To learn more about Mai, visit her website www.maihernonirishtradsinger.com.

Michael Vignoles: Musician and Artisan

Michael Vignoles, based in Galway, Ireland, is a musician and maker of traditional Uilleann pipes and bodhran drums. He will be joining the Dayton Celtic Festival for a third year for workshops on his instruments, as well as conversation and demonstrations throughout the weekend. To learn more, please visit his website at www.michaelvignoles.com or email him at michaelvp60@gmail.com.

Irish Wolfhounds

Meet the magnificent Irish wolfhound, the world’s tallest breed of dog. Once prized as the war dog of the Celts, this canine is now known as the gentle giant. Legends of the wolfhound abound in ancient Irish mythology. It was the dog of royalty in medieval times. During the Celtic Revival, the wolfhound became a symbol of Irish nationalism. See these amazing dogs up close, pet them, and maybe get a free Celtic kiss!

Dayton Area Rugby Club (DARC) & Five Rivers Youth Rugby Foundation (FRYRF)

Rugby first came to Dayton, Ohio, in the fall of 1969 when a group of University of Dayton students played their first rugby match. In the years that followed, the interest in the sport evolved to establish official club rugby in 1973 and squads in the Dayton area have been successful ever since. In 1979, Dayton rugby saw the creation of the first women's squad, and in 1999, it was reformed into the present-day women’s team. Today, DARC is a rugby union club dedicated to the promotion and growth of the sport. They play their home games at Dayton Rugby Grounds located at 620 Shiloh Dr. in Dayton. For more information on how to get involved, or even just to come out and watch one of their matches, visit www.daytonrugby.com

FRYRF, formed in 2012, is dedicated to the promotion and development of youth rugby. Over the years, they have grown the youth rugby program to six high school teams and a co-ed middle school flag rugby program. To learn more about Dayton’s Youth Rugby, their summer rugby programs, and more, please visit http://fryrf.org/wordpress/

Terence O’Leary, Author

An Irish-American author, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent his teenage and adult life in Northwest Ohio. Mr. O’Leary’s five critically acclaimed, realistic coming-of-age novels focus on teenagers facing a family crisis. Irish Crossings: Danny’s Story and Irish Crossings: Caitlin & Paddy’s Story are fictional accounts of his family’s struggles during the heartbreak of the Irish Potato Famine.

Aside from sharing his novels during the festival, Mr. O’Leary will also talk about life in Ireland during the time of the Great Hunger. He will discuss how the Potato Famine not only changed the destiny of Ireland, but also America. For more information, email: terry@terenceoleary.com or visit www.terenceoleary.com.

Introduction to Irish Music

Have you ever wondered: What is the difference between jigs and reels? What do you call those instruments? How can people from all over the world sit in a circle and play the same song? This workshop will take a big picture look at what makes Irish music...Irish! Get a chance to hear tunes, songs, and explanations from some of the Dayton Celtic Festival’s top Irish and American headliners. Feel free to come ready with questions. Participating Artists: Shane Hayes: accordion and vocals (Socks in the Frying Pan), David Howley vocals and guitar (We Banjo 3), and Daniel McKewen: guitar, uileann pipes, and bodhran (The Drowsy Lads).

Gaeltacht Midwest (hosted by Indiana Celtic Community)

Gaeltacht Midwest provides introductory Irish (Gaelic) language instruction to attendees and connection with other Irish-learning opportunities in the Midwest, US, and abroad. To learn more about their programming, please visit them at www.facebook.com/indianacelticcommunity

Miami Valley Knitting Guild

Miami Valley Knitting Guild (MVKG) members put Irish craftsmanship at their skilled fingertips as they demonstrate Aran knitting. The Aran sweater is an integral part of Irish heritage, with a long history linked to the farming and fishing families of Connemara and the three Aran islands off Connemara’s coast. From a craft created on the wind-swept islands at the mouth of Galway Bay, see centuries-old embossed patterns come to life stitch by symbolic stitch. Miami Valley Knitting Guild is a friendly group of local knitters who offer a standing invitation to knitters of all skill levels, whether you are a master knitter or haven’t yet learned a knit from a purl. Information is available on Facebook, Meetup, ravelry.com, and at mvkg.org.

Dayton Metro Library’s Genealogy Department

Staff members of the Dayton Metro Library’s Genealogy Department will provide an overview of resources available, specifically the Irish and British Isles sources within their collection. They also will give an update on the New Main Library, opening on August 5. For more information on the resources, events, and workshops available, visit Dayton Metro Library Genealogy Center’s website at: http://www.daytonmetrolibrary.org/locations/history.

Bro. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM, of the University of Dayton’s Marian Library

Celtic Catholic Faith Practices The Catholic Church has affected the Celtic lands for centuries. Numerous devotional practices and many well-known illuminated gospels developed from this blending of Catholic and Celtic traditions. Bro. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM, of the University of Dayton's Marian Library, will present on significant aspects of Catholic spirituality from the Celtic areas, including saints, Marian devotion, and its rich history of illuminated manuscripts.

Traditional Blacksmiths: Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA)

Tim Garner, members of the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil, will be onsite along with other SOFA members to demonstrate traditional blacksmithing. Come learn more about the technique and art of blacksmithing while watching them create various pieces. To learn more about their organization please visit www.sofablacksmiths.org.

Bill Evans: Baker

Bill Evans of Evans Bakery will be leading workshops on the art of bread making, specifically Irish Soda Bread.  Come join as he shares the steps, ingredients, and process of making this Irish favorite.  Evans Bakery, Dayton family owned and operated since 1969, is located in Old North Dayton and serves fresh baked breads, pastries, and various other treats daily.  Visit them on Troy Street or check out their Facebook page to learn more.

Rainbow's End Children's Area

Children will also be able to enjoy the Celtic experience over the weekend. The Rainbow's End Children's Area has special activities set up just for the wee ones! There are games, picture boards, and Celtic crafts and tattoos. Magic can be found as the children play a round of putt putt golf, walk through the castle, build a fairy house, and search for a Leprechaun's pot of gold.  Open Sat 11:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m./Sun 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. only.

Parade of Kilts

Parade of Kilts - Wear your kilt, show your Celtic Pride
A call to arms - Men of the kilt, join us!
Do you own a kilt? Are you full of Celtic pride? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to show this off? Join us under the Cultural tent Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and immediately after Mass on Sunday (around 11:30 a.m.) for the Parade of Kilts. Bagpipers and flag bearers will lead us through the festival grounds in a display of Celtic pride unseen in these parts for a generation or more.